1st International Workshop

incoordination with the 
InternationalFederation of Future Studies Society


1st InternationalWorkshop
"The Science ofFuture Studies and the Future of the Caucasus"
(Political, economic,security and social dimensions)

Park Inn Hotel
Baku, Azerbaijan
May 18-19, 2006

The event is the first of its kind inAzerbaijan. It will draw many world-known specialists and experts in the fieldof future studies and prove an opportunity for an exchange of opinions andexpertise with their Azerbaijani colleagues. The topic of the conference willbe "Future Studies and the future of the Caucasus". This will allowthe participants of the conference to utilize many effective tools of thefuture studies science and analyze the current and future trends in theCaucasus region with the aim of drawing a picture of the region in 20 years.

The conference will also help to introduce the new field of Future Studies tothe general public of Azerbaijan, its NGO and media sectors through the meansof press conferences, media interviews, newspaper articles and press releases.Azerbaijani government and business sectors can greatly benefit from thisrelatively new field, as most of the policy decisions abroad are usually madebased on reports, forecast and analysis of future studies specialists.