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Next Big Things for the Future of Azerbaijan:

Implications for Action Today (Post-oil Economy)

Hilton, Baku-June 3, 2013

Azerbaijan Future Studies Society, also acts as the Azerbaijan Node of the Millennium Project , was hosting the First International Futures Forum

The International Futures Forum had brought together and fostered  dialogue between Government, Policy makers, Academia, Business community, Civil society, NGOs, Futurists, Millennium Project Nodes, the International & domestic media.

Distinguished international speakers had participated from NASA, the U.S. National Science Foundation, Google, Singularity University, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Rocky Mountain Institute, Oxford University, the Minister of S&T of Montenegro, and many other international and Azerbaijani experts and officials. 

The participant-countries of the Forum were: USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Great Britain, India, South Korea, China, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Kenya and the Republic of South Africa. 

The focus of the Forum were the futuristic technologists and emerging factors for the post-oil economy, such as nano- and bio-technology and the strategic role of ICT in shaping the future.

The new technologies that demonstrated, were the Holographic presentation and 3D printing machine – premier in Azerbaijan.

Partners of the event included the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of  the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Centre for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of  Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan State Economic University.