"Azerbaijan Foresight" Future Studies Course


AzerbaijanState Economy University (ASEU), Millennium Project and Azerbaijan FutureStudies Society (Millennium Project Node) launched educational English-speakingproject "Azerbaijan Foresight" in the field of researchof future and forecasting for the students of ASEU

Starting from October 16, 2009 the students of ASEU have been educating in the field of research of future and forecasting with the help of key specialists from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Venezuela and Japan in this field throughout the year.

During the academic year 2010-2011, the Azerbaijani State Economic University (ASEU), the Millennium Project and the Azerbaijan Future Studies Society launched the 2nd English-speaking joint teaching and learning project, “Azerbaijan Foresight,” dedicated to future research for ASEU students. ASEU students will acquire knowledge for their future research with the help of leading specialists from the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Venezuela and Japan. It is worth mentioning that this is the first future research project in the entire CIS, with teaching sessions delivered by world-famous professors and researchers. A unique feature of the project is that it is implemented in an online mode and a video conference format. Professors from various countries communicate simultaneously with students in a lecture hall and can make presentations and use all the opportunities provided by ITC. This is not distance learning, but rather an interactive learning format in real time in a virtual environment. As such format has not yet been used for teaching purposes in higher educational institutions, it carries an innovative nature.

This is not a one-time conference. Instead, there are systematic teaching sessions within the framework of the full education project. Prominent scientists l lead the sessions, such as Prof. Jerome Glenn (USA), the director of the Millennium Project, the author of the report, “The Future Status,” as well as the author of myriad research papers, including, “Future Research Methodology,” “Global Energetic Collective Intellect,” “National Future Strategy Agencies,” “Teaching and Learning Opportunities in 2030,” “Global Energy Scenarios for 2020,” “The Future Ethics,” “Science and Technology Scenarios for 2025,” etc., Prof. Theodore Gordon (USA), a leading specialist of the Millennium Project, the founder of the Future’s Group, a co-author of “The Future Status” report and “The Future Research Methodology,” Prof. Jose Cordeiro (Venezuela), a specialist of the Millennium Project, the director of the Venezuelan Node of the project, and the founder of the Venezuelan Affiliate of the World’s Future Association, the author of many works and research in the areas of global studies and forecasting, Prof. Hazel Henderson (UK-USA), the founder of the Ethical Markets Media Corporation, a world-famous futurologist and researcher, the author of the book, “Ethics Markets: Cultivating a Green Economy,” Prof. Paul Werbos (USA, Brookings Institute), the long-term director of the USA National Science Fund’s Research Programs, the author and director of a great deal of research in the framework of the Space and Sun Energy Program, Prof. Elizabeth Floresku (Canada), a specialist and the director of Millennium Project research programs, a co-author of the research paper, “Environmental Crimes, Military Operations and International Criminal Court,” specializing in environmental safety, and the researcher Hayato Kobayashi(Japan), a lecturer at the Millennium Project, who has long-term experience in the area of energy and environmental safety issues. The teaching program elaborated by the Millennium Project has been scheduled for two semesters. Upon the completion of the program, all attendees will be awarded certificates by the organizers based on the outcomes of their examinations and evaluations of their qualifying papers.

Consequently, in the 2009-2010 academic year, Farah Hajiyeva, Kamila Mustafayeva and Shahriyar Hasanverdiyev, students in the Special Talents Group of the International Economic Relations Faculty of the Azerbaijani State Economic University, and the proactive attendees of the “Azerbaijan Foresight” course, were invited to the Chief Office of the Millennium Project in Washington (USA) to undertake an internship under the supervision of Prof. Jerome C. Glenn in July-August and studied future research and forecasting over one month. The students also attended the annual reporting conference of the Millennium Project and the conference “Sustainable Future, Strategies and Technologies” (World Future-2010) conducted by the World Future Society in Boston, MA during 6-10 July.