Millennium Project Director Jerome Glenn - Mini Trip Report: Finland

Sirkka Heinonen, Chair of the Helsinki Node, had the Finland Futures Research Center bring me back to Finland to participate in The Millennium Project special session during their FFRC Conference in Turku, to which Reyhan Huseynova, Chair of the Azerbaijan Node, and Simone Di Zio, Co-Chair of the Italy Node, also gave talks.

The day before the conference I had dinner with the Committee for the Future staff and Sirkka to talk about AGI governance and potential collaboration with Iceland’s parliamentary Committee for the Future. During the conference I, along with others, spoke at the book launch of the World of Futures Studies as a Mosaic, co-edited by Sirkka that shares futures research around the world (weblink to follow).

Then returning Helsinki, Sirkka, her husband, and I were attended the Aalto University installation of new PhDs in Helsinki – a white tie and trails event. I was invited because the Master of Ceremonies did her PhD on some of my work with the Futures Wheel. I was told to bring my honorary PhD ribbons/metals