IV National Essay Contest “Face to Face with Future Generations”

 On 28th November,2011 at the Hilton hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan, there was a combined Ceremony -The Celebrations of the 5th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Futures StudiesSociety and Azerbaijani Node ofMillennium Project and Awards Ceremony of IV National Essay Contest“Face to Face with Future Generations”.

TheAzerbaijani Millennium Prize Annual Essay Contest called “Face to Face with theFuture Generation” is a joint project of the Azerbaijan Futures Studies Societyand the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, the Ministryof Education, theMinistry of Youth and Sport and The State Committee for Family, Womenand Children Affairs.

Therewas the historical overview of the evolution of futures research in the country.The Ministers and other government leaders, plus some Ambassadors wereparticipated at the Ceremony and about 300 people with television inprominence.

Awardsfor essays on the 15 Global Challenges were given to both university and highschool students. There were 68 finalists - 45 high school students and 23 formuniversities. Winners were awarded by notebooks, digital cameras and iPods.

Amongthe distinguish guest was a Director of the Millennium Project Jerome Glenn,who delivered his greetings to the winners.

Therewere video greetings from the heads of the some Nodes of MP and other foreignprominent   futurists.