III National Essay Contest “Face to Face with Future Generations”

The awards ceremony was conducted for the winnersof the III National Essay Contest “Face to Face with Future Generations”conducted in the 2010 school year among 9-11-grade high-school students anduniversity students as a joint project of the Ministry of Communications andIT, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as the StateCommittee for Family, Women and Children Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan andAzerbaijan Future Studies Society i.e. the Azerbaijan Node of the MillenniumProject.

For instance,the relevant manual describing the conditions of the contest and the supportingmaterials describing the 15 Global Challenges of the Millennium Project weredeveloped as Annexes to the Manual in order to ensure the implementation of thecontest. The deadline for essay submissions was fixed at May 25, 2010.

The essayssubmitted to the contest covered 15 topics relevant to the 15 Global Challengesof the Millennium Project (www.millennium-project.org). Pupils and studentsindependently and voluntarily chose their own topics. The participants selectedtheir topic at their own discretion and developed their essay paperaccordingly.

As a result ofthe jury's assessment of the essays, 657 pupils and 423 students taking part inthe contest competed for first, second and third place in the 15 GlobalChallenges. A total of 58 contest finalists, including students and pupils,were selected by the jury members.     

Among the finalists,10 pupils were awarded from Baku, 5 from Sumgayit, 4 from the Ismayillidistrict, 2 from the Zardab, Aghdam and Hajigabul districts, and 1 from Guba,Terter, Gakh, Zagatala, Neftchala, Lenkeran, Aghjabedi, Imishli, Kurdemir andSamukh.

Among the finalists,5 students were awarded from the Azerbaijani State Economic University, 3 fromBaku Slavic University, 3 from the Azerbaijani Languages University, and 1 fromthe Azerbaijani Teachers Institute, Ganja State University, the AghjabediTeachers Institute, Azerbaijani State Educational University, AzerbaijaniMedical University, National Aviation Academy, Gazakh Teachers Institute,Nakhchivan Teachers Institute, Azerbaijani State Culture and Fine ArtsUniversity, Azerbaijani Technology University and Khazar University.

The winners andfinalists were presented with certificates and valuable gifts. Mrs. ConcepcionOlavarrieta, the founder and president of the Global Millennium Prizeinternational contest and the director of the Mexican Node of the MillenniumProject, attended a ceremony along with other honorable guests. The event wasconducted in the Big Hall of the Ministry of Education of the Republic ofAzerbaijan.