Niyaz S. Safarov

Senior Lecturer at Baku State University, took his PhD degree in Biochemistry from Kiev State University (Ukraine) in 1983. Used to be affiliate (leading Researcher) of several Institutes of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Bologna University (Italy), and R & D Center for High Tech at the Ministry of Communications and Informational Technologies of Azerbaijan. His scientific activity in Synthetic Biology was related to molecular cloning and protein over-expression. Present scientific interests are modeling of bionanostructures on the basis of natural and synthetic porphyrins, macrocyclic compounds possessing uncial optic, sensing, catalytic and other properties. Another interest is modeling of hybrid porphyrin – carbon nanostructures. Reliable models of porphyrin- graphene, porphyrin- CNT, porphyrin- fullerene have been created. Potential use of porphyrin based nanostructures includes, but not limited by their applications in different fields of nanotechnology such as targeted drug delivery, photodynamic therapy, various sensors, photovoltaic cells, “solar hydrogen” production, photo catalysis, artificial "blood”, molecular electronics, liquid crystals.