Fikrat Sadıkhov

Mr. Fikrat Sadıkhov is a former highly-ranked diplomat, working as a political scientist and a publicist. He is Professor at the Political science and International Relations Department of Western University, and Honorary Professor of Western University, member of the governing body of the Azerbaijan Journalists Union, and a member of the expert committee of «TREND» Information Agency. He was a broadcaster at “Tezadlar” international-publicist program of Azerbaijani Television. Mr. Sadikhov was also the Head of the Information and Press Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Director General of Azertac-Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency. In recent years, his articles, commentaries, and interviews on promoting foreign policy of Azerbaijan Republic and on Daglig Karabakh issue were published in local and foreign press, newspapers, journals and websites. He is the author of many scientific books, and has been participating in many international symposiums and conferences. His many awards include the Hasan bekh Zardabi prize, “Humay” prize as co-author of “Khojali Genocide” book, “Ugur Zirvasi”(Peak of Success) prize for his role in the development of the Azerbaijan media, and the “Qizil Qelem” (Golden Pen) prize by the Trade union of Azerbaijani Media workers.