Ralph A. Hasanov

Prof. Dr. Ralph Ahad oglu Gasanov is Head ofdepartment of Biophysics and Molecular Biology of Baku State University. Heserved as a Vice Director and Director of Research Institut of AzerbaijanAcademy of Sciences. He has been a foreign Professor of Kwansei GakuinUniversity in Japan, Karachi University in Pakistan and involved in research inCarnegie Institution, in Stanford and Illinois Universities of USA,‘’Democritos’’ nuclear center in Greece and in other scientific centers in theworld. Dr. Ralph Gasanov is a member of many international scientific societiesand editorial boards of journals. He has published more than 200 articles andscientific works. His main scientific interest is the structure andorganization of bimolecular systems for energy conversion in an artificial,semi biological, hybrid and biomimetic catalysts to create sustainable,efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply system from sun and waterlike in natural photosynthesis. He always shares these ideas with his studentsand seeks for their support.