Akif Alizadeh

Akif Alizadeh is President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, and the National Committee of Geologists, Director of the İnstitute of Geology, and Chair of the Caucasian Regional Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Commission. Alizadah is an honored scientist, laureate of the State Prize, a member of the board of trustiees at Azerbaijan State University, and professor at Department of Geology. His ooutstanding scientific work includes the provisions of the theory about the Cretaceous mollusc fauna (belemnites) of Azerbaijan, leadership of the development of stratigraphic schemes of Cretaceous sediment, and of the investigation of paleontologic-stratigraphic materials reflecting modern views on the issues of geological processes, sedimentary and volcanic sedimentary formations, and development of Cretaceous fauna. He also has fundamental research in the fields of using methods of biogeochemical zoning of Cretaceous deposits and the study of the geochemical conditions in paleobasins, has defined for the firat time paleotemperature prices for cretaceous basins in Azerbaijan, and has identified the general direction for the development of various groups of belemnoids. His scientific world underlines his role in studying mollusk shells in addition to Pavlov’s and Krumholz’s works in these fields. Taking into account Alizadah’s contribution in studying Cretaceous belemnites, a new family of belemnites has been called “Akifibelits” in honor of his name (1984). In recent years, the scientist has focused on geoecology as one of his main scientific directions. His unique fundamental works have been published in eight volumes, including “Geoecology of Azerbaijan”, Encyclopedic Atlas called “Minerals of Azerbaijan”, which have great scientific and educational value.