Huseyngulu Baghirov

Prof. Dr. Huseyngulu Baghirov is a Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2001with a significant experience in the sphere of education, science, politics, economics, environmental management and human studies. Mr. Baghirov has worked for government and private organizations e.g. Head of Youth Institute, Rector of Western University, Professor of Political Science and Social Management at Azerbaijan State Institute of Politology. He founded the Western University (WU) where he was engaged in various research and teaching activities. Dr. Baghirov acted as a Fulbright professor at Indiana University (USA) and currently keeps on academic activities at WU. Prof. Dr. Baghirov is the author of more than 50 books, monographs, brochures and scientific articles. Mr. Huseyngulu Baghirov is engaged with mountaineering and air sports and currently is the President of Air and Extreme Sports Federation of Azerbaijan (FAIREX). He led number of Azerbaijani expeditions to Antarctica, Africa, South America and c. He is a member of Fulbright Association and number of other scientific societies.