Elnur Aslanov

In this role, as a chief of the Political Analysis and Information Department in the Administration of the President of Azerbaijan, Dr. Elnur Aslanov leads the work on political strategies and analysis. His department is responsible for close collaboration with the Center for Strategic Studies under the President and for overall strategy development of electronic informational resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Dr. Aslanov has given talks at numerous international conferences, on major domestic and foreign TV programs. He authored more that 100 scholarly publications on the subject of International Security and International Relations, and more than 200 articles in electronic and traditional media on the subject of National Ideology, Foreign Policy of the State, and modernization issues. Dr. Aslanov has been involved in many public activities and received numerous distinctions in recognition of that. Dr. Aslanov is the author of the monograph, “New world order and national development strategy”, published in 2006.