Eldar G. Shahbazov

Prof. Dr. Eldar G. Shahbazov is Head of the Department of Nanotechnology of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR); foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy; Laureate of the UNESCO Medal “For contributions to the development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”. He is an author of over 200 scientific publications, including monographs and patents devoted to the application of nanotechnology in oil industry.Prof. E.Shahbazov is an author of the theory of effect of "small concentrations and small perturbations” on the basis of which application of nanotechnology in oil industry has been implemented. The scientific basis for the development and application of nanotechnologies in oil industry were included in EOLSS 6.152 “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” section of the UNESCO International Encyclopedia.