Rafiga Huseynzada

Rafiga Huseynzada is Vice-President on Ecology at the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), where she works since 1999, formerly having held the position of Director of AzLab LLC. Previously, Dr. Huseynzada has worked as senior scientist at research centers such as the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, the department of Isotopes Researches of Azerbaijan State University, and she continues her scientific work at Azerbaijan State University. Rafiga Huseynzada is author of about 60 reports and researches, and has participated in numerous international conferences and worked on joint scientific centers at Texaco Company in Houston; Geolab in Trondheim and Statoil Research Center in Norway; Bone & Robertson management course in London UK, etc. She is a graduate of the Geological faculty of Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, and got her doctoral degree with a thesis on the theme of “Low Kuryani” oil and gas field geo-chemical specs and characteristics.