Ufuk Tarhan

Ufuk Tarhan is founder, owner, and President of M-GEN Future Planning Center, in Turkey. She is a futurist, strategist, business designer, business avatar, and the first and still the only woman futurist keynote speaker of Turkey. She gives conferences and lectures to “create a better future”, is trainer, moderator & business coach for executives, and designer and founder of Tablet SeminarsTM. For over thirty years, she has worked as a top executive, general manager and board member of various companies and industries such as water engine manufacturing, IT, telecommunications, agriculture and livestock, and distribution of pharmaceuticals. In 2002, she was awarded as the most successful businesswoman in the IT industry. She is an active blogger and writer, teaches Future Studies at ODTÜ, and is the designer & trainer of Futurism Schools at Bahçesehir, Bilgi & Kadir Has Universities, and the Designer & Avatar of Bahceşsehir Univ. CO-OP Model. Mrs. Tarhan is Chairman of the Advisory Board and former President of the Turkish Futurists Association, and member of World Future Society, Association of Professional Futurists, and publisher of The Futurist TR.