Yair Sharan

Dr. Yair Sharan is currently Director General of EPI/FIRST, in the security and technology field. He is a Col (ret.) in the IDF, a senior research associate in the centre for strategic studies in Bar Ilan University in Israel, and has been the director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Technological Analysis and Forecasting at Tel Aviv University. He has several diplomatic and policymaking positions, including Israeli Science Attaché in Germany, and senior consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Science. His main fields of interest are technology foresight and forecasting, and security. He coordinated and participated in many EU projects, including FESTOS in the security program, and PRACTIS in the Science in Society program. He has numerous publications on new and emerging technologies, non-conventional terrorism, medical response to emergency situations, and more. Yair is member of several foresight expert groups, and co-Chair of the Israel Node of The Millennium Project.