Ute Hélène von Reibnitz

Ute Hélène von Reibnitz is owner of SCENARIOS + VISION organization, located in Vence, France. She is a futurist with over 30 years of experience, a developer of creativity, innovation, foresight and multicultural management methods, which she turns into practical and efficient approaches. Her clients are private and public companies in aerospace, automobile, consumer industries, financial services, health care, and IT, from Europe, USA, Middle East, and Far East. She conducts workshops, projects, trainings, and coaching in English, French and German, is lecturing at universities and international management institutes in Europe and the USA, and is the author of three books on foresight published in English, French, German, Korean, and Russian. Mrs. von Reibnitz is member of several professional organizations, including the European Regional Foresight College, and the French Node of The Millennium Project.