Brock Hinzmann

Brock Hinzmann is a management consultant in long-range planning, including horizon scanning, alternative scenarios, and technology roadmapping. He recently retired from 33 years of futures research at SRI International, where he researched and consulted in a broad range of technologies, from advanced materials, nanotechnology, energy, sensors, robotics, to artificial intelligence, and on other topics, such as industrial design and consumer acceptance of technology. Some examples of his work include: 3D Printing and additive manufacturing, The Personal Factory, and contribution to the Game Changer section on the Impact of New Technologies, for the Global Trends 2030 report for the US National Intelligence Council. He is a consultant with the London-based Business Futures Network, is on the executive committee of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of ASM International, and is co-Chair of the Silicon Valley Node of The Millennium Project.