Nadezhda Gaponenko

Dr. Gaponenko is Head of Department at the Center of Science Development Study under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is Corresponding member and scientific secretary of the department of Forecasting & Cycles of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. She has a vast experience in futures studies, S&T policy, innovation & environmental policy for government, international organizations, and private sector. She is the author of tens of monographs and over 100 articles published in Russian, English and German; has been the coordinator or contributed to about 100 projects carried out for Russian and international organizations, and has been the organizer, chair of sessions, or keynote speakers at many Russian and international conferences. Recently she was a leader of Russian group in the project of FP7 “Mapping the Nanotechnology innovation system of Russia for preparing future cooperation between the EU and Russia”. Dr. Gaponenko is the Chair of the Russian Node of The Millennium Project.