Urkhan Kazim oglu Alekperov

Academician Prof. Dr. Urkhan Kazim oglu Alekperov is Rector of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Dr. U. Alakbarov has a distinguished career as a scientist and development expert, with specific focus on integration of natural, economic, social and political components into the overall approach to environment management. He is the author of the concept of ecological civilization (1989), based on the "green" mentality (integrating demography, and culture of consumption), and a "green" economy. With an academic background in this field, Professor Alakbarov served as a vice-president and director of institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. He also has a 30-year record of working in various capacities with UN agencies. Dr. U. Alakbarov is a member of various international committees, advisory councils, steering committees and editorial boards of journals, based in Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, and other countries. He presented lectures and seminars on sustainable development and ecological civilization in various international development institutions including UNDP, the World Bank, EBRD (London), and universities around the world. Professor Alakbarov has published over 300 articles and scientific works and authored 30 books, including world’s first textbooks on sustainable human development for secondary schools.