Zhouying Jin

Zhouying Jin is a senior researcher and professor, Institute of Quantitative-Economics and Technical-Economics, and Director, Centre for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, President and founder for the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology, Chair of The Future 500 (China); Chair of World Future Society China Chapter; and Co- Chair of China Node of The Millennium Project. Her research field includes Soft technology new paradigm of technology, Future research, Long-term strategy and sustainable development, Green business model, The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) system of China, etc. Among her publications, there are 15 monographs, 6 translated books, more than 30 research reports and hundreds of thesis, including: Global Technological Change--From Hard Technology to Soft Technology; Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development; Systemic Solution to Achieving Green transition; Beyond GDP, and the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) system of China.