Theodore Jay Gordon

Theodore Jay Gordon is co-founded and Senior Research Fellow of The Millennium Project. He is one of the world’s most respected futurists and management consultants, an expert in several high technology fields, a specialist in forecasting methodology, planning, and policy analysis, an entrepreneur, and an inventor. He has been at the forefront of development of forecasting methodologies including Cross Impact Method, Trend Impact Analysis, implications of non linear modeling (chaos) for forecasting, the State of the Future Index (SOFI), and the Real-Time Delphi. He serves as a Director and member of the Board of several organizations, and The Futures Group, a consulting firm he started in 1971, had grown to be the largest in its field, with twelve offices around the world. Mr. Gordon has been in charge of hundreds of studies for US government agencies and companies, is the author of hundreds of publications, and holds several patents in space vehicles, acoustics, and automated collection of voter judgments.