Jerome C. Glenn

Jerome C. Glenn co-founded and directs The Millennium Project. He invented the "Futures Wheel", a futures assessment technique; Futuristic Curriculum Development, and concepts such as conscious-technology, transinstitutions, tele-nations, management by understanding, feminine brain drain, just-in-time knowledge, feelysis, nodes as a management concept for interconnecting global and local views and actions, and definitions of environmental security, Collective Intelligence, and scenarios. He has consulted for governments, corporations, UN organizations, and NGOs. He led the design and implementation of collective intelligence systems for the Global Climate Change Situation Room in South Korea, the Prime Minister’s Office of Kuwait, and now the Global Futures Intelligence System. Saturday Review named him among the most unusually gifted leaders of America in 1974. He has published over 150 future-oriented articles, spoken to over 300 organizations, written several books (Future Mind, Linking the Future, and co-author of Space Trek), and is the editor of Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0. Other research is available at