Philippe Destatte

Philippe Destatte is the Director General of The Destree Institute in Wallonia, Belgium, and Brussels Area Node Chair and Board Member of The Millennium Project. He teaches at the University of Mons, Paris Diderot University, Reims University, and is organizing the University of Houston Foresight Certificate in Brussels. Mr. Destatte combines 20 years of regional development strategic policy tools experience, with theoretical analysis in the fields of governance, evaluation, innovation systems and societal paradigm shifts analysis, and foresight. He worked as an expert for the OECD, the World Bank, the European Commission, the Committe of European Regions and several governments, was involved in the Blueprints for Foresight Actions in the Regions High Level Expert Group, and chaired the European Regional Foresight College, has been a member of many expert groups and Boards, organized The Futures of Europeans in the Global Knowledge Society conference, and supported the European Committee of the Regions creating a Foresight Unit. He has several foresight publications.