Jose Luis Cordeiro

José Luis Cordeiro, MBA, PhD, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but has studied, lived, and worked mostly abroad, and traveled to over a 130 countries. He is Chair of the Venezuela Node of The Millennium Project and professor at Singularity University in NASA Research Park, Silicon Valley, California. Dr. Cordeiro worked for the French multinational Schlumberger and the U.S. consulting company Booz-Allen, has been Director of the Single Global Currency Association, World Transhumanist Association, Extropy Institute, World Future Society (Venezuela), and the Club of Rome (Venezuela), and was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Developing Economies with JETRO in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Cordeiro has authored over 10 books in four languages, written more than 200 articles in many international publications, and filmed documentaries with Discovery Channel and History Channel. His name has been included in the Marquis edition of Who’s Who in the World.