Ljubljana Forum 2012- Future of Cities
Azerbaijani experts participated at Ljubljana Forum 2012

"Ljubljana Forum 2012- Future of Cities: Sustainable development and energy efficiency" was held on 20th and 21st September 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

September 20-21, in partnership of Municipality of Ljubljana, with GFS GoForeSight Institute and CeGD, Centre for eGovernance Development for South East Europe organized Future of Cities: Sustainable Development and Energy Efficiency.

The vice Mayor of the Executive Power of Baku City Fiduma Huseynova and the chairwoman of Azerbaijan Future Studies Society Reyhan Huseynova participated at Ljubljana Forum 2012.

Opening ceremony started with the words of Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Jankovich and the director of “eGovernance Development” and chairman of “Ljubljana City Forum 2012” Blaz Golob.

The Mayors of Ljubljana, Podgorica, Pristina, Sarajevo, Akron ( Ohio, USA), Zagreb, vice Mayors of Baku and Bucharest took place on the round table of “Energy efficiency of cities & regions”.

In the framework of forum were discussed the global challenges & European sustainable development model, the energy governance instruments and financial support mechanisms, the projects under EU financial prospectives 2007-2013 & 2013-2020.

Millennium Project director Jerome Glenn, , Vice President European Investment Bank Anton Rop, President of Committee on EU Affairs, National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia Roman Jakic, Head of Energy Efficiency Centre, Jozef Stefan Institute Stane Merse and many other high level municipality and government officials, policy makers, academics, industry leaders also took place in Ljubljana Forum 2012.

The vice Mayor of the Executive Power of Baku City Fiduma Huseynova`s speech mostly included the impetuous development and enlargement of infrastructure of Azerbaijan.

The chairwoman of AFSS Reyhan Huseynova spoke in the session of “Sustainable development model & EU Agenda 2020” with report of “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” and also mentioned about the program of “TRACECA in Azerbaijan”.

Additionally to all this conference there was held the seminar of the European Regional Foresight College, in which the most European Nodes of Millennium Project and along with them several heads of European Research Institutions and Organizations participated there.The chairwoman of AFSS presented at that seminar broad information about the activity of society and added the partnership with EU institutions, in addition to that spoke about European Investments in Azerbaijan.