The meeting, organized in VIENNA, on by the OSCE

14-15 April, 2016 the president of Azerbaijan Future Studies Society - Node of Millennium Project in the Republic of Azerbaijan Reyhan Huseynova participated at the meeting SHDM I: Policies and strategies to further promote tolerance and non-discrimination. The meeting, organized  in VIENNA, on by the OSCE’s 2016 German Chairmanship and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), brought together representatives of governments and of civil society organizations working on issues related to tolerance and non-discrimination from the Organization’s 57 participating States and Partners for Co-operation. Reyhan Huseynova took part in meeting where she made a presentation, which presented the work of Future Studies Society, and also emphasized the role of multiculturalism policy conducted by the government of Azerbaijan, which can become an example for other countries in the promotion of tolerance. Policies and strategies to further promote tolerance and non-discrimination . The purpose of this meeting is assessing current challenges facing participating States in the implementation of commitments in the area of tolerance and non-discrimination, Exchange good practices aimed at combating intolerance and discrimination. At the end of the event, there will be Identification of recommendations for the OSCE participating States on combating intolerance and promoting mutual respect and understanding as well as to consolidate the role of the OSCE in this field.

Vienna, OSCE , Hofburg - 14-15 April, 2016