Joint meeting of the European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) with the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC) May 9, 2012 Brussels, Belgium

TheEuropean Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) with the European RegionalForesight College (ERFC) was held  May 9, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium under Philippe Destatte`s chairmanship. The result was the decision to combine their efforts to strengthen European foresight networking and to contribute to the convergence of foresight methods and practices across Europe.

The European Regional Foresight College was officially launched on November 21 of 2003, at the European Parliament, in Brussels. Futurists attending on May 9, 2012 meeting in Brussels came from public and private research centers, companies, and universities from Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Montenegro, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, and Belgium (Wallonia).

Chairwoman of Azerbaijan Future Studies Society and MP Node Reyhan Huseynova represented Azerbaijan in that conference, She attended during her speech mostly the progress of future research in Azerbaijan, and mentioned the activity of society for last years. Reyhan Huseynova added about the projects and events conducted with MP (Millennium Project ) and UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund).

According to the conference the points for improving future research thinking upon projects, and realizing projects by European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) and the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC), and by other organizations, being in force in European countries in that sphere, and in the framework of structural subdivisions of European Council and European Commission were discussed.

The next meeting of the ERFC will be held in Ljubljana on September 19, 2012, just before the Ljubljana Forum on the Future of Cities. For this occasion, the Danube Strategy and the Western Balkan collective intelligence system initiative will be analyzed.