Sirkka Heinonen

Professor Sirkka Heinonen has a vast expertise in futures research, with focus on technology foresight, the future of cities and rural areas, information society, sustainable development, ambient intelligence, social media, future work, construction and housing, future of transport and mobility, lifestyles, and philosophy of technology. She has introduced the concept of "Creative Foresight Space" and "Futures Cliniques", and is involved in developing foresight methodologies. She has been involved in preparing the Finnish Government's Futures Report to the Parliament and in renewing the Finnish National Strategy for Information Society. After over 20 years as futures researcher at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, she is now Professor at the Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, is Director of the Helsinki Office of FFRC, heads the Research Group of Media and Communications, is President of the Finnish Society for Futures Studies, Member of the Club of Rome, and Co-Chair of the Helsinki Node of The Millennium Project.