Azerbaijan Republic Day in Mexico

As you know,the 90-th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Republic wassolemnly celebrated in May 28, 2008 both in Azerbaijan and outside it.
The embassy of the Azerbaijan Republic in the Mexican United States started itsactivity in January of this year and has already conducted a number ofconferences and carried out some measures. In spite of the fact that, thediplomatic relations between our states has been lasting for 16 years, theopening of the diplomatic representation of Azerbaijan in Mexico in 2008,stimulated a new stage of collaboration in bilateral relations, and inparticular, in the field of economy and culture.

One of the activity trends of the Society of futurologists of Azerbaijan dealswith the popularization of the cultural values of Azerbaijan.

In this connection, a ceremonial festive action has been held jointly with theEmbassy of the Azerbaijan Republic in the Mexican United States, in the capitalof Mexico – Mexico City.

A group of musicians and dancers of our republic participated in this solemnevent organized in the National anthropological museum of Mexico City in orderto represent Azerbaijan in a worthy manner. The members of our delegationconsisting of workers of Art presented a program comprising Azerbaijan nationaland classic musical compositions and dances.
At the same time, our compatriots residing in Mexico and engaged in the Mexicansymphony orchestra as musicians also participated in this event.
In order to more closely familiarize the participants with our country, a 15minute film about Azerbaijan has been demonstrated before the concert, andslides have been demonstrated during the concert.

Ilgar Mukhtarov-  Charge d'affaires  pro tempore of Azerbaijan in Mexico narrated about thehistory of the first democratic state that sprang up 90 years ago in the East.He noted that present Azerbaijan, as a first independent state founded on thesecular principles, also was built on the principles of tolerance and democracy.

Felippe Calderon-President of Mexico, Mrs. Patricia Espinoza- Minister ofForeign Affairs and the mayor of Mexico-Marchello Ebrard has congratulated theAzerbaijan nation and the state. Hose Ignacio Madraso-Director General forEurope from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered their letters ofcongratulation to our diplomatic representation in Mexico at the festiveceremony. Mr. Madraso expressed his pleasure as to the fact that a nationalholiday of Azerbaijan is celebrated in Mexico for the first time. The diplomatstated that Azerbaijan is one of rare states that have gained its independencetwice.

The Chairwoman of Azerbaijan Future Studies Society- Mrs. ReyhanHuseynova noted in her speech that the Azerbaijan Republic having restored in 1991its independence, gained not only the flag, emblem and hymn of the AzerbaijanDemocratic Republic, but following at the same time the glories way of her sonsas a political successor of the state, has turned into the constitutionalsecular state by means of supporting the ideas of independence.

Being a chief negotiator, she stated, that this event, on our part, has becomea small contribution to the development of cultural contacts between Azerbaijanand Mexico and expressed her hopes to see the Mexican workers of art in ourcountry in the nearest future.